Moodle ‘No input file specified.’ for Profile Images or User Pics

Thank God. That only took 2 years. Revisited the broken image links in my Moodle installation and found this gem in the forums.

I had the same problem on my installation. Try going into Configuration > Variables > and set slasharguments to file.php?file=/pic.jpg That fixed the problem immediately in my installation. It’s covered in the uploading FAQ but I didn’t notice the “no input file” message linked to the discussion.

Blogging it here with some keywords in the title for other folks having the same problems.






2 responses to “Moodle ‘No input file specified.’ for Profile Images or User Pics”

  1. Devin Roush Avatar

    Where are you going to access “configuration/variables/slasharguments???”
    Any help is most appreciated!
    Thank you,
    Devin Roush

  2. Tsunami Avatar

    I had the error: No input file
    However this config change worked for me.
    Go to:
    On the website go to: Site Administration > Server > Http
    And clear the checkbox for addslashes

    I hope that helps. Tks Andy =)

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