Microsoft Live Writer Just Blew My Mind

I’ve been a fan of desktop blogging clients for a long time. For some reason, anything less than millisecond publishing via browser just drives me batty. I think eventually I’ll be enraged I can’t just glare at the screen and have it instantly type my mood and publish it.

I’ve used clients like Kung-Foo’s Ecto and Qumana and was an early user of W.Bloggar but I took the Microsoft Live Writer app for a test drive and was pleasantly surprised.

It grabbed my category listing – and organized it into my structure of cats and sub-cats – Ecto grabs it all and sorts by alpha with no hierarchy.

Live Writer also gives me a compose a post screen that looks EXACTLY like my blog’s template. This really kinda blew my mind. It is nice to be startled by technology that suddenly makes you think: ‘Yeah, I guess it should work like that and from now on everyone else will need to make this part of their tools.’

Super kudo to the Live Writer team!!

Test drive MSFT Live Writer here:






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  1. Chelle Parmele Avatar

    Oh yay! Tim Berry, my President, told me about Live Writer a couple months ago and I dropped all my other clients for it. It’s been really great so far. I especially love the way it handles putting images into posts.

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