Michael Port’s Report out From Michael Gerber-ville

Michael went to go see Michael:

Michael’s objective when he takes you into his Dreaming Room is to reach for the impossible – to separate from history – to break free, rethink, retool, reengineer, reinvent, reenergize, to discover how to create a bigger future for you and your business.
He did this with each and every one of us in attendance. It was truly remarkable.
And it really is ‘The Dreaming Room’. One of Gerber’s favorite people was Walt Disney. Disney invented what he called ‘The Dreaming Room’ for his company to create breakthroughs in animation and the many masterpieces we have come to love. Gerber has combined what he’s learned about entrepreneurs with Walt Disney’s Dreaming Room experience and invented a unique environment for small business owners and executives to create the impossible.






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