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Today was a strange day in techie-land.
My screensharing didn’t work for my afternoon course.
The audio recording service had a clicking sound so we all had to dial back in.
I sent a reminder about the keywords class starting today but sent the link with the WordPress course instead.
and I had a collossal mis-spelling in my ezine.
I meant to write:

You can use WordPress to run a teleseminar, setup a membership site…

Here’s what I wrote and sent to 10,000 people:

You can use WordPress to run a teleseminar, setup a membershit site…

The best part is of the dozen emails I’ve gotten so far, some of them think I did it intentionally because I’d opened the ezine with a thank you to all the readers that send in typos they find in the ezine.
Like I’d really use profanity in my ezine. I wonder how many spam filters that little mistake setoff.

8 thoughts on “Membershit Site

  1. seanrox

    hehe. Good one Andy. We all get a little carried away with the keys at times. I’m sure a few of your readers didn’t even catch it the first read.

  2. Ann Handley

    Hysterical, Andy. I frequently respond to reader submissions at MarketingProfs with a single phrase of acknowledgement: “Got it!” I frequently mis-spell (mis-space?) it as “Go tit!”
    Usually I catch it, but wonder if I haven’t? (“Whose tit? And where is it going?”)

  3. Andy Wibbels

    My buddy Karen used to deride her manager by telling him to file that latest invoice ‘to my left tit.’ She’d often actually grab her own breast as she said it (this was all in jest, of course – though you could fit the National Archives in that rack).

  4. Lora Adrianse

    Your mailing references something about people catching typos. I seriously thought you made the spelling error on purpose. There’s still part of me that thinks you did 🙂
    Thought it was an interesting word to pick. Just your crazy sense of humor!

  5. Andy Wibbels

    If I ever use profanity in my ezine I’m not gonna stop with an S-bomb. I’d only risk that many ezine unsubcribers with a properly engineered F-bomb. Which will probably be never.

  6. Wendy Piersall

    LOL Andy. I once sent an intro to an email networking group – fussed over the darn thing for hours. Finally sent it out, only to find that instead of saying “Hello Everyone” I wrote “HELL Everyone”!! So I sent out an apology – only to find that the first email never made it to the group – and my intro was just me apologizing for swearing at everyone. GAH! 🙂


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