May 22 – More Blog Traffic Call with Yaro Starak

Good God – I was so intent on getting this out on the newsletter I forgot to post it on the blog!

Reminder of our call tonight:

Thursday, May 22nd
@ 8:00pm Eastern
Full details:

I’m hosting a call with Yaro Starak from Blog Mastermind on Thursday. He’s going to be walking through his blueprint for blogging profits – how you can maximize your blogging time to the tune of $5,000/month. This is road-tested content, too. Yaro ran his program over the past few months and is relaunching in the next several weeks. Let’s grill him on what does and doesn’t work for making every single post count! This is a integrated program for bloggers that really want to make a full-time living from their writing.

Join me for this f`ree call:

See ya tonight!






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