Master TypePad. Conquer Google.

(from the ezine)
You know I’m a push-over.
We were doing the preview call for
Easy Bake Weblogs yesterday and I
announced that folks can grab the
course for 50% off in the next few
days. Many of them chimed in and
asked if they could get the
Keywords Essentials course for half
off, too. A brief pause… and I
gave in. Here’s the deal:
Get Easy Bake Weblogs *and* Keywords
Essentials for 50% off – basically
a 2-for-1 deal – if you register
*before* midnight Friday (Oct 11).
: : : : Master TypePad, Conquer Google.
: : : : Get Half Off Before Friday Night.
Buy *both* Easy Bake Weblogs and
Keywords Essentials for half off at
Full course details:
– Easy Bake Weblogs starts
Oct 24, 31, Nov 7, 14 @ 3pm EST
syllabus at
– Keywords Essenitals starts
October 18, Nov 1, 8, 15 @ 9pm EST
syllabus at
That’s it for now – SO much else to
tell you about next week. Lots cookin’!






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  1. eSoup Avatar

    Small Biz Owners Strong-Arm Blogging Coach Into Giving Class Away For Free…

    And you thought teleseminars were tame. It started out innocently enough, but things got a little rowdier than usual at Andy’s free TypePad class on Tuesday. When Andy announced that he would give the call participants half off the price…

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