MarketingSherpa’s Best Marketing Blogs of 2005

Wow! I was stunned to see thank you emails when I got home tonight… turns out this blog won an award from sheer write-in votes (I wasn’t nominated). Huge major big-ass thanks to everybody that voted for Easy Bake Weblogs!
(Update: I’ve moved this blog to since the award – new domain – same award-winning content!)






14 responses to “MarketingSherpa’s Best Marketing Blogs of 2005”

  1. marianne richmond Avatar

    Congratulations Andy!

  2. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero Avatar

    Couldn’t happen to a sassier blog. I notice it didn’t take you long to post your accolades to your blog. heehee

  3. Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff Avatar

    Nobody bakes the blogs better than good friend Andy. Congratulations!

  4. The Mindjet Blog Avatar

    Map to the Best Marketing Blogs!

    Congratulations to the winners who were just awarded best marketing blogs 2005 by MarketingSherpa!Seth Godin’s BlogMarketingVOXMedia GuerrillavGuerrilla ConsultingDuct Tape MarketingChris Baggott’s Best Practices in EmailSearch Engine RoundtableMedia…

  5. Hendry Lee Avatar

    Congratulations, Andy. Great work.

  6. Lee LeFever Avatar

    Very cool Andy! Congrats! And write-in no less! I think that is the best kind.

  7. Pamela Heywood Avatar

    Congrats Andy and well deserved too.

  8. Larry Galler Avatar

    The people spoke wisely – EasyBake rocks! Congratulations – well deserved.
    Larry Galler

  9. Lyle Avatar

    Way to go Andy!
    U deserve IT!
    Keep on bakin’!!

  10. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Hugs and Orchids to you Andy – you deserve it! What a trip! Now, for an encore… Will there be weeping and clutching of pearls as you accept your Bloggie Award? You go!

  11. Susan Fuller Avatar

    Good for you! Congratulations!
    Here’s to the power of asking for what you want!!

  12. Leah Maclean Avatar

    Congratulations Andy!! You are a testiment to providing interesting information that is of value to your target market – AND doing it in a real and authentic way.
    There will be much cheering and throwing flowers from Down Under ;o)

  13. adela hubers Avatar
    adela hubers

    whatta thrill that somebody i voted for won something.
    good on you, andy… may the deserving prevail.

  14. erez rosner Avatar

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