Mark Joyner Gives Course Access for Backlinks

Marketeer and fellow appreciator of MK-ULTRA, Mark Joyner has a clever ruse for getting some back links. You have to pop in a swatch of HTML into a blog post in exchange for access to the course. I’m curious to see what his course is like since it seems similar to courses I’ve done and everybody else has been doing for a while.
I’ve often thought of granting course access to in exchange for a backlink – good to see the idea live and in execution.
Here is the free course…
I still don’t get Simpleology after reading the book and taking some of the courses. Others love it and swear by it. I think the book The Great Formula is fun but would’ve been better with less filler from other writers.






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  1. Suzie Cheel Avatar

    Hi Andy,
    Interesting comments re Mark’s ploy. The course ,(I like you were curious) can’t see a backlink yet. Course looks like it is based on Simpleology, with a blogging twist. Dedication is required. I am currently finding ZDT(zen to done) a simpler option.
    Did you see the photo of yopu in the limo with Barbara and Des?

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