March 26: Integrity Day!

Ever done an Integrity Day?
You know how we all have those nagging sets of to-do lists. Things that have been languishing forever? What if we got together with other procrastinators and ran the gauntlet to get these things done, once and for all?
Maryam and I were kvetching about how much e-biz based stuff we had to do: clean out email, prep web pages, right copy, mail customers… yadda yadda…
So on Saturday, March 26 @ 1pm EST we invite you to call in for five minutes, say what you’re working on and then work like hell to get it done and then call back at 2pm to report your progress, say what’s next, etc… and then call back at 3pm and… you get the idea… we’re going until 5pm EST.
Won’t you join us?
Saturday, March 26
Starting at 1pm EST.
Call 712-824-4200 with PIN# 271030.






2 responses to “March 26: Integrity Day!”

  1. Cheryl Miller Avatar

    I love these work days. I’ll definitely be there!

  2. Paula Bennett Avatar

    Hi Andy and Maryam,
    I have been in a “what’s next?” frame of mind all week and have really been watching for and ACTING upon what’s being manifest for me. And I feel like your Integrity Day is just for me!! Thanks so much, I will definitely be there! The times are perfect.
    Maryam, I met you at the San Mateo conference. I’m redeveloping my practice and talked with you at the back of the room re your product in reference to parents and taking conscious living to the next generation. You met so many people, you may not remember, but definitely am glad to be ‘reconnecting’ with you!
    See you tomorrow. . .

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