Lisa Kimball, Howard Rheingold and Joi Ito on Social Networks

I’m attending the 2005 Social Networks conference… the keynote is availabe on audio and features a great summation of the past 20 years of social networks/forums/etc.
The biggest question: The technologies for online collaboration have developed enourmously – but has the conversation developed?
OSN 2005 Keynote






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  1. Chris Abraham Avatar

    That keynote was worth the entire experience. I have been working with Lisa and Howard for almost ten years and although I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with the conference, I really want to go in there post mortem and look around. They really get it right in the keynote address. And since they and we have been saying the same thing about online social networks (nee online virtual communities) for well over fifteen years, its wonderful that this has really hit on a very large scale. To finally have the general population realize that online relationships are in fact real and not virtual is amazing progress.

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