Liberal Bloggers Rejoice as Lieberman Sinks

Article from Time:

Still, as the bloggers themselves admit, Lamont’s victory was about far more than them. Lieberman’s fervent support for the Iraq War, and his attacks on many of his party who opposed President Bush’s policy there, annoyed Connecticut voters as much as bloggers. Also, aside from the war, Lieberman suffered from a feeling among many voters there that he was taking the state for granted, and liberals in the blue state were frustrated by his positions on other issues, such as his support for school vouchers. The bloggers and their supporters pumped a few thousand dollars into the race, but having a millionaire candidate like Lamont pour $4 million of his own money was crucial. And Lamont’s campaign manager, Tow Swan, is a veteran Connecticut political operative who helped run the strong turnout operation that helped propel Lamont to victory.






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