Learning Management Systems: The Ultimate Albatross

As a former administrator of a terrible, piece-of-shit, pain-in-the-ass LMS system deployed to a global organization – which shall remain nameless. I totally dig where Parkin is coming from:

Given the marketing muscle behind the major LMS developers and their complete dominance of the e-learning space, it’s hardly surprising that many people see an LMS as “the solutionâ€? to their future learning needs. But an LMS, as available today, is not a universal solution for a corporation’s e-learning problems. In fact, an LMS is often the albatross around the neck of progress in technology-enhanced learning.

That’s the crux – the ‘supply chain’ that the LMSes have set up that totally negates the open connectivity of the internet’s architecture.
Great stuff!






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  1. Rydal Avatar

    Nice. LMS is not the solution but its a tool that will help you accomplish your task easily and on time.
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