Learning Annex Pays Paris Hilton $1 Million to Teach Branding

(via The Superficial – one of the two gossip blogs I check regularly)

The Learning Annex has asked Paris Hilton to speak at the Real Estate and Wealth Expos in Seattle, Chicago, New York and Boston. They’re offering her $1 million to teach a one-hour class on “How to Build Your Brand.” The $1 million offer is the second highest speaking fee ever offered in the world, second only to The Learning Annex’s star instructor, Donald Trump.

I’m guessing step one is to have yourself videotaped fellating your boyfriend while a night-vision filter gives you all the grace and charisma of a possum rooting through a dumpster? Paris Hilton is a brand only if being an arrogant self-righteous condescending sanctimonious drug-addled mediawhore is considered an achievement.
Carrying a copy of The Power of Now isn’t branding, it is product placement.
But still, great publicity stunt from The Learning Annex. Even better than hypnotising the masses with the architectural wonder that is Donald Trump’s hair.
I wonder if they are going to take 70% of her ‘back of room’ sales.
Suggestion: I want to hear from her publicist and how they are trying to manage the continual vortex of ineptitude that is Ms. Hilton and how they plan to rescue or revive her reputation from the literal prison it is stuck in.






2 responses to “Learning Annex Pays Paris Hilton $1 Million to Teach Branding”

  1. vince Avatar

    My My, Andrew…
    Media whore meets media whores, what’s the what?
    (P)aris is the ultimate archetype of our times and sans the media attention (people whose sole talent is to ogle the ogleable) you wouldn’t be giving her the white space. Seems to me, a perfect example of Nature at its finest, a symbiotic relationship between parasites–(who’s the host?) Now that’s Green.

  2. Lyle Lachmuth - The Avatar

    Can Paris even spell the word B R A N D?
    Paris can’t act… yet alone teach.

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