Kill the Killer Copy

From Michael – Kill the killer copy

Since the rise of the Internet the marketplace has become more and more cluttered and decent folks are desperately trying to find a way to get their message through. But, unfortunately, we are seeing an explosion of over-the-top, hyped up copy that is making consumers more wary then ever… which means less inclined to trust sales people… which means less apt to buy from sales people. I, for one, make a solemn promise to lay off the hype. It’s enough already. Real people want real stories.

I think what happened is that the guys behind direct marketing had realized that the techniques they pioneers with high-volume postal mail (and then further honed with infommercial marketing) could have unlimited volume on the internet. Unlimited volume, no friction.






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  1. Barbra Sundquist Avatar

    Right on Andy (and Michael). If I see another sales letter that starts “Who Else Wants to…” I think I’m gonna throw up. As you can probably tell by my blunt language, over the top sales copy is a pet peeve of mine.
    I have a template for a “low-key” sales letter on my blog in the article “How to Write Sales Copy That Doesn’t Make You Cringe” here

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