Jupiter Research Gives the Blogger Brushoff

Jupiter Research came out with a report announcing that 70% of the Fortune 500 will be blogging by 2006.
Diva marketer Toby Bloomberg asked Jupiter for some clarifications on where they got their figures and they basically told her it was none of her beeswax.
Then Fard Johnmar (who actually dropped the $750 for the report). He got FOUR pages in a summary report. The report is four pages. Excuse my french but FOUR FUCKING PAGES for $750? Oh and he gets a half-hour with somebody at Jupiter. He read the report and concluded: “I have two pieces of advice for readers: Don’t buy this report. Don’t accept the results of this survey.”
Here’s how you can save $750:

Blogs are frequently, instantly, easily updated websites. Use them inside the firewall or out in the marketplace to communicate faster, cheaper and increase brand awareness and outreach.

The big clincher is there is already tracking on the Fortune 500’s use of blogs. It’s really about 5.8%.






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  1. Toby Avatar

    Andy – thanks for the shout out. To borrow from a thought from Jackie Huba, with the ease of technology 1 voice becomes many .. faster than a speeding bullet (not counting holidays of course).

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