Jim Kukral on MyBlogLog’s Impending Uncoolness

I think the MyBlogLog communities feature is really awesome. Basically you can see who is reading your blog (provided they are a MyBlogLog user). Here’s who is reading AndyWibbels.com.
But then TechCrunch and some other bloggers started musing that maybe the reason Yahoo! bought MyBlogLog was so it could capitalize on the trends that the system is capturing (esp re: their competition with Google AdSense). Much brouhaha and hullaballoo – some users got banned for pointing out vulnerabilities in the MyBlogLog system and Kukral gets to have the I told ya so:

MyBlogLog didn’t get acquired because of the money, it got acquired because Yahoo! knows cool when it sees it, and realized that no matter how much less $$$ they could spend on developing something similar, it would be extremely hard to reinvent cool.






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