James Frey’s Book Fraud Turns Up a Million Little Rants on Amazon

The Smoking Gun did an investigation into Oprah’s book club fave A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. Turns out much of the non-fiction memoir isn’t true.
Amazon’s Customer Discussions (I didn’t even know they had these) and customer reviews are on fire.
Random House, the publisher is promising to accept and refund copies of the book bought directly by the publisher.
Frey appears on Larry King tonight. As one poster on Metafilter dreams:

I’m hoping Larry welcomes in “special surprise guest” Jayson Blair and they both climb up into each others’ assh_les in a nationally televised human ring of pious self-loathing, then roll out of the studio and into the street gathering other frauds and self-pitying liars into a katamari-like clump of douchebaggery that flies into the sun.

Does it even matter? He’s #1 on Amazon, a New York Times bestseller, has a movie deal and all the other trimmings. If all marketers are liars – why can’t all non-fiction writers?

7 thoughts on “James Frey’s Book Fraud Turns Up a Million Little Rants on Amazon

  1. Nancy Tierney

    It’s not that the memoir is not true. It’s that PARTS of it, some really dramatic parts of it are untrue. But the guy still lived his journey up and out of drug addiction and if he can make THAT entertaining by embellishing a bit, I say, go for it!
    I can’t believe the publisher is offering refunds! That’s just wild.

  2. Royal

    The publisher is offering rufunds? Can anyone please forward to me the contact information for this refund. I definately don’t want to contribute to Frey’s fortune.

  3. Stanford Kawasaki

    Refunds being offered?
    I’m impressed.
    It seems to reinforce , the
    publisher adheres to it’s standards.


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