IE 6.0 Doesn’t Display Yahoo! Mail HTML Formatted Email

Well, I’m not losing my mind.
I set up a test account after a few newsletter recipients said they were receiving blank emails. I sent emails to a Yahoo account that I created and everything was fine – in Mozilla.
When I switched over to Internet Explorer suddenly the emails were showing up blank.
Anybody else witness this weird behavior?
I’m sending as HTML and I tried sending as a MIME with both HTML and text and both times the same result.
Here’s how it looks in Internet Explorer:

Screenshot of error in Internet Explorer.
And in Mozilla – and I think I’ve tracked down the weirdness with the background.
Screenshot of error in Mozilla.






2 responses to “IE 6.0 Doesn’t Display Yahoo! Mail HTML Formatted Email”

  1. Eric Avatar

    Yes, I just had the same problem. Have you been able to resolve it yet?

  2. Andy Avatar

    Yup. It’s totally BS. Yahoo Mail and Lycos mail rename the body layer to become xbody. Internet Explorer screws it all up (act surprised). What I’ve had to do is use only CSS for the text formatting but use positioning with tables.

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