I Love Denis de Bernardy and Semiologic WordPress Templates

I think I’m in love.

I rolled out Denis’s Semiologic system (an incredibly souped-up set of WordPress templates – well, really an overhaul of the whole WordPress system). Anyway – I’ve been moving all my blogs into the Seimologic format and I was trying to figure out how to do something (not have my sidebar for Pages in the blog). I emailed Denis how to do it. He came back and said 1) how to do it and 2) that he’d added it to the latest release of Semiologic. If you’re using WordPress, I highly recommend you check out the Semiologic templates. Worth every penny.






One response to “I Love Denis de Bernardy and Semiologic WordPress Templates”

  1. coach anne Avatar

    Hey, Andy! When are you coming out with an EZ-Bake style intro to WordPress? Or would you say that using a mega-template such as Denis’ Semiologic offering is so easy, that no such intro to WordPress course is needed?

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