I Dream of Trotts

I am not joking.
I had a dream this morning of being at Six Apart. For some reason it was in Chicago and I had left my job at an unnamed insurance company that I had managed to work for again.
Got to meet Ben and saw Mena over talking with a fellow employee. Everybody had on jeans. It was yuppie paradise. It was like working inside an Apple store.
Maybe I have a fever.






2 responses to “I Dream of Trotts”

  1. David Krug Avatar

    Ok, maybe there is something you are something you are supposed to learn from this. Maybe you need to switch to MovableType? LOL. The Trotts are cool.

  2. Andy Avatar

    But I just switched out of Movable Type! Argh – so many choices and great products. I want to support them all.

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