How Will Twitter Make Money?

JJ Projects writes:

…if Twitter’s parent company (Obvious Corp), or possibly a company that acquires Twitter, can think of a way to let the community opt-in to commercial mobile messages, Twitter could turn into a real cash cow. He points out that over 1700 users already opt-in to receiving messages from Woot on Twitter, so it’s not mere speculation, even at this early stage.

I think it is the whole RSS feed argument again – the messaging is easily turned off will advertisers be willing to be rejected? And you can’t graft the ads onto the ‘footers’ of the messages because of the 140 character limit (which is indicative to SMS, right – maybe?) I think that Woot succeeds because of the nature of their business (1 product offered each day at great price – but only fr 24 hours). The point of Twitter is fun little interruptions that are sprinkled into your day – I do subscribe to the Twitter updates from the BBC as well as Mashable. We have instant updates now via RSS, IM, Skype and Twitter (and Jaiku, et al). But when the system gets polluted with un-fun updates – or when trusted Twitterers start hawking the wares of others it is just going to turn users off and they’ll move to the next pristine pond






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