How to Use Google Reader

I created a Flash demo to walk folks through getting familiar with the new Google Reader news aggregator.
Click here to view the demo. (Flash format, 1.2 MB) (Opens in a new window).






11 responses to “How to Use Google Reader”

  1. Adventures in Net Marketing Avatar

    Using Google Reader: Andy Wibbel’s Flash Tutorial

    If you’ve been hearing about the new Google Reader (in beta, naturally), and thinking it might be useful for collecting and viewing feeds, Andy Wibbel has created a Flash tutorial that walks you through the Google Reader news aggregator: from

  2. Jesse Avatar

    very good, thanks

  3. Pablo Avatar

    This a great introduction to Google Reader you’ve put together.
    Thank you!

  4. Dianne M. Daniels, AICI Avatar

    Hi Andy,
    Nicely done tutorial – thanks for passing along this info.
    Dianne D.

  5. Dretim23 Avatar

    It’s an excellent idea to make the flash introduction. Many people still don’t know RSS, how-to subscribe, etc. Your flash will make RSS more popular.

  6. Kenny Yo Avatar

    VERY GOOD! Not only create but provide all the information to grow your blog.

  7. junchaocao Avatar

    That’s good.Though I can’t understand exactly. I am poor English.That I learn using google just because I want to learn more. I am a forigner. But I want to learn..

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