How to Change Your WordPress Blog’s Permalinks Structure

Back when I was a big smarty-pants, I thought I’d have simple, elegant permalink urls in the form of:

Where 1234 was the post number. This was my strategy for when I thought I have a plain-text only ezine and I didn’t want long URLS getting truncated by Evil MS Outlook.

But then I did my research and learned how the words in the post slug and URL are important.

I’d put off updating all my permalinks thinking it would break everything.

If only someone would write a plugin to fix this automatically?

Well they have:

HUGE thanks to Dean for writing the Permalinks Migration Plugin

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Drop it in your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Go to Plugins and activate the plugin.
  4. Now go to Options > Permalinks and copy the little code that is your old permalinks structure.
  5. Then go to Options > PermalinksMigration and paste that code in the options screen (this is so the plugin knows what your permalinks used to look like).
  6. Not go back to Options > Permalinks and change them to what you want them to be.
  7. Update.


Update: Well poop. It worked on Andymatic but on AndyWibbels I got a file not found. Guess I’d better re-read the directions.






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