How to Blog Anonymously

Invisiblog is a new service that promises absolute, totally anonymous blogging.

Unlike other blogging and hosting services, Invisiblog doesn’t have access to any potentially sensitive information about you – not even your email or IP address. All contact between bloggers and is via the Mixmaster anonymous remailer network, which uses encryption and ‘mixnet’ techniques to hide the source of an email. We can’t reveal your name or IP address – not even accidentally, or at gunpoint, or under a court order – because we simply don’t have that information.

Probably not hugely useful for businesses – but for political dissidents, definitely a tool in the toolbox.






2 responses to “How to Blog Anonymously”

  1. nothando b ngwenya Avatar

    Hi, Yeah I think these are very good products . I also think that TOR is a good system as it uses onion routers making it hard for anyone to identify you even if they see the conversation you are in. I was just wondering though does anyone know how search engines like technorati, and blogpulse search and find blogs, I am just wondering as blogs have the same url as anyother website so are they identified by the webcrawlers

  2. hornisch Avatar

    I think people waited a long time for that! But we have to keep in eye that search engines such as goolge don’t only go by the searched word itself! What they do is that they analyze thelinks to a certain page. So if someone links your name to your anonymous blog than the engine will find it. So your “first life” name leads to your online anonymous blog!
    But still a cool feature that blog!

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