How to Add Google Analytics to Your TypePad Blog

Grab Your Google Analytics Code Block

  1. Login to Google Analytics at The main Settings page loads.
  2. Click on Add Website Profile. A form displays.
  3. Select Add a Profile for a New Domain.
  4. Enter the URL of your site or blog.
  5. Select your country and time zone. Click Finish.
  6. Analytics provides you with a code block – a swatch of HTML – to add to your site’s pages.

Add the Google Analytics Code Block to Your TypePad Blog

  1. Since TypePad doesn’t let you easily edit your blog’s templates, we’re going to use a widget from You will have to create a Widgetbox account to use their widgets.
  2. In a second browser window (Ctrl+N or Command+N), go to the Google Analytics widget at Widgetbox.
  3. Enter in your Analytics Code – note the whole Code Block – just the little code that looks similar to UA-91087-10.
  4. Click on Get Widget. If you haven’t already created a Widgetbox account you’ll do that as well.
  5. The Install Widget Panel displays, click on Install Panel.
  6. Your TypePad account opens in a separate window (you’ll need to login to TypePad if you haven’t already).
  7. Choose a blog to add the Google Analytics widget to and click Add Widget.
  8. The Google Analytics Widget has been added.

You have now added Widgetbox’s Google Analytics Widget to Your TypePad Blog.

Check Your Work

  1. To ensure that you have successfully added the Google Analytics Code Block to your Blogger blog, go back to
  2. Next to your blog’s URL it will say either Receiving Data (you were successful) or Tracking Not Installed (something is amiss).
  3. If it said Tracking Not Installed, click on Check Status. Google then checks your blog for the Analytics Code Block and reports back if it find it or not.
  4. If not, try re-adding the Widgetbox widget.






4 responses to “How to Add Google Analytics to Your TypePad Blog”

  1. Chris Haley Avatar

    Thanks Andy. I was finally able to get google analytics working with my typepad site with this idea. The standard method of converting to advanced templates and inserting the analytics code was completely breaking parts of my site.

  2. Kathy Avatar

    Unfortunately this method doesn’t work if you are using Advanced Templates at Typepad. I located directions in Typepad’s knowledge base and was able to get it installed.
    Additionally, I have a URL redirected to the Typepad blog and used that URL when setting up Google Analytics. If you are redirecting a URL, be sure to set up your Typepad URL in Google Analytics or it won’t be able to verify the code is installed. Total time to figure this out – 1 hour ;-). I hope this saves time for other Advanced Template users.

  3. melanie Avatar

    I followed all of this and I still cannot get google analytics to detect that it’s installed. Any other suggestions as to what could be wrong?

  4. seo consulting Avatar

    good to see someone giving out help like this well done to you and keep up the good work 🙂

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