How to Add a Chitika eMinimall to Your Blogger, TypePad or WordPress Blog

Chitika’s eMinimalls are the sexy new way to make money with your blog with an interactive interface that grabs attention and gets clicks. I’ve created a Flash demo to show how to add this new moneymaker to your Blogger, TypePad or WordPress blog.
You’ll need to have an account with Chitika. If you don’t have one already, here’s the signup page.
Click here to view the demo. (Flash format, 4.6 MB) (Opens in a new window).






8 responses to “How to Add a Chitika eMinimall to Your Blogger, TypePad or WordPress Blog”

  1. Lora Adrianse Avatar

    What a TREASUE!!!! Thanks so much for this Andy! Easy enough for non geeks!
    You’re the best!

  2. Lora Adrianse Avatar

    Darn! I was so excited! A little word to others. My blog is brand new. Chatika rejected me. They won’t provide a specific reason, but they send a list of “possible reasons”.

  3. x74 Avatar

    Hi there, nice tutorial. You may be interested in blog plugins I’ve written to simplify integration into WordPress and MovableType. The plugins are freely available for download immediately:
    I’ve found that direct integration into the post improves CTR in some circumstances.

  4. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Love the plugins. I’m so jealous – I’ll spend a lonely Saturday night tinkering to make a plugin and come up just short of functioning each time.
    Lori, be sure to apply again in a month or so. Or shoot them an email to ask for more information on your rejection.

  5. Ramble Redhead Avatar

    Great job! Thanks for sharing this – your tutorial is FANTASIC!

  6. Misty Forsman Avatar

    View From the Other Side
    The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is currently holding their 10th Annual International Conference (Nov. 10-12, 2005) in San Jose, California, USA The theme is �Be Inspired – Light the Fire.
    The conference fits into mammoth San Jose McEnery Convention Center most comfortably with room to spare. Parking was simple, close (in the same building) and accesses directly to the conference area. It did not require a small motorized
    vehicle to get to the event. As expected, there is lots of walking to and from events, meeting rooms for break-out sessions as well as visiting all the exhibitors; but the setup is very compact for all the events.
    The vendors in the exhibit area were energetic, interesting, and happy to make contact (but not overzealous). Most had lots of good information – over a wide range of topics: Forming Your Own Fan Club, Coaching Business Plans on CD, Executive Coaching designed to help bring you more clients, computer technical systems to run your coaching business, a coaching magazine, and more.
    Even if you were not in the market for their wares, the tone was very amiable and more often fun. I especially enjoyed the Bio-feed back Aura Photo and Reading. My reader was James, author of a thriller book called The Assassins Dream, who had lots to tell me about my aura photo. I especially enjoyed the explanation of the incredible halo form over my head (crown chakra) and the sacred space surrounding the upper half of my photo.
    The energizing experiencing of being at the center of three Tibetan singing bowls was surprisingly interrupted by a messenger from the adjacent room’s speaker who complained she could not hear herself because the sound of the bowls, We all wondered: why now? The bowl playing had been ongoing all day.
    And I wondered if this speaker, and some others, were aware they were so focused on talking about themselves not adding value for their listeners. And such low energy!
    I am an energy coach. I really noticed this. Where, I wondered, were the Andy Wibbels and others who bring their passion to all they do. ONE EXCEPTION was the One-Hat-At-A-Time booth and breakout–: fun, entertaining, we got to know each other, and it was a delightful learning experience. Good client tool also.
    I skipped lunch (reports said it was light on protein), and had “dinner� which was a carbohydrate mélange of 4 kinds of hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. Not a green thing [to eat] in sight!
    To be continued………..

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