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I’m starting to see more of these ‘single-issue’ blogs that I think can really help a blogger become the go-to on a certain topic. It’s got the two ingredients of a hot blog: passionate opinion and a daily news cycle.

This blog is devoted to further discussion on residential and commercial real estate prices. Is there room to grow? Have we reached the peak? Are real estate prices already on the way down? Post your insights, findings and decide for yourself. Read what other ‘experts’ have to say?






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  1. John Avatar

    I think we need to start a “Housing boycott”! I’ve never started a boycott before, so I’m starting here.
    I refuse to buy a 400,000 dollar house that was built in 1902. 942sft with no yard.
    I think everyone interested in buying a house should hold out until the bubble pops!
    Restate agents/Mortgage Companies/Media are working against us and trying to drive the market up just Tech stocks in the 90’s.
    Does a restate agent really a 5-6% commissions, when I sold my condo was 120,000 just 3yrs ago I paid 6,000. Now the same condo would gross a 24,000 dollar commission. My salary sure didn’t go up 4 times in the past 3yrs. With almost all the same paper work. Hmmm
    Mortgage companies have added so many programs like interest only, 3 Arm, 5 Arms
    Negative Amp, 40yr Loans, Jumbo Loans… Just so we can afford these crap holes.
    I say enough enough! Housing Boycott!!!

  2. Pete Avatar

    This blog has up to date news and analysis on housing affordability and the housing bubble:
    Also has a quick reference page:
    Housing Bubble Facts and Figures

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