Here Comes Podfading

In the continuing effort to have the absolute stupidest names for new technology (I don’t you blame Steve – the author – at all), Wired has a piece on podfading aka people getting bored talking to themselves in their living rooms.
This is something I’ve emphasized in my Podcasting Bootcamp course, that podcasting can take a bit more time than you may be prepared to spend to get it done professionally and radio quality. That’s one reason why right now my personal podcast is pretty much derelict and the Go Blogwild podcast is of my expert interviews (next week with Rich!). I am hoping that once the book launch cools down I’ll have more time to devote to the personal podcast which is a true creative outlet fo rme.
I don’t think the abandoning of podcasting is a sign that it is a failure as a delivery channel. This is going to be an iterative process – just like with blogging – the software and infrastructure will get easier with each cycle. Once I can record audio and have it automatically strap on the intro and outro and publish it, I’ll be even more satisfied.






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  1. Lyle Lachmuth Avatar

    You are spot on!
    I love to talk…and would love to Podcast but don’t have the time to do it well.
    So, I’m not doing it! YET!

  2. Mark Alan Effinger Avatar

    Andy, you’re absolutely right: As an early graphic designer, I remember all of the garbage I produced on Ready, Set, Go! on a Mac Plus with a 20 Meg drive… sick… and eventually, I learned how to do it right, Quark came along, and both the quality and quantity of my output came together.
    Audio commentary, interviews and such, are and always have been a part of our world. NPR anyone? As tools like GarageBand and Sonic Memo Pro advance and make it easier to create higher quality audio content, the whole thing will come together.
    In fact, one firm making real noise in the industry is PRWeb ( They are the largest online PR delivery platform. They named February “Podcast Month” and are opening press releases to the podcast world (commentaries from the newsmakers to accompany and expound on their press releases).
    As the Carpenters sang “It’s only just begun…”
    Keep the faith!
    Best of success this year. Look for my book order April 6th.
    Mark Alan Effinger

  3. Steve Harold Avatar

    Actually I talk to myself all the time, so maybe I should be podcasting although I am sure some of the things I say should not be broadcast!

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