Google Algorithm: Change is a Good Thing. Right?

I know I’m a little behind in covering my long list of blogging topics, but we certainly can’t fail to cover new changes with the Google Algorithm.  Duncan Riley, at, fills in the details in an early month post on this topic.  Check it out.






2 responses to “Google Algorithm: Change is a Good Thing. Right?”

  1. Laura Avatar

    It seems that they’ve just changed things again. I’m definitely heading off to TechCrunch to read about it.

  2. Eric Avatar

    Google is always changing things up, and it is so frustrating. Frustrating becuase you never seem to get on top of things before they change, and frustrating because you can get caught up into thinking they are they only way to get traffic and forget about others.
    Web 2.0, word of mouth, other SEs, article marketing like you’d do with artemis pro, running your own popular blog with repeat readership can all generate good traffic too – often much more reliably.
    None the less I’ll be reading up on the changes too to see how they affect our sites.
    Thanks for the tips.

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