Google Adsense and RSS Team Up

Another beta for Google: Google (GOOG) announced the formal launch Wednesday of AdSense for Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. “The idea is simple: advertisers have their ads placed in the most appropriate feed articles; publishers are paid for their original content; readers see relevant advertising,” said Shuman Ghosemajumder, product manager. Google has also suggested some best practices for RSS publishers: syndicate the item’s full text and insert only one ad per article. To participate in the program, which is in a testing mode, RSS publishers must be current Adsense subscribers and have at least 100 subscribers to their content feeds.






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  1. John Evans Avatar

    Getting up to 100 feed subscribers is marginally more difficult than reaching the $100 mark for your first Google cheque /check. Are they specializing in army-type obstacle courses over at the Big G now? If they want to monetize the long tail maybe they need to rethink their priorities. It surely doesn’t cost them anything for someone to cut and paste a bit of code into their template. And it does make a lot of people feel a little more Googley.

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