Getting Unscared of Blogs

Been meaning to quote Anil’s essay ‘How to keep blogs from scaring the hell out of people’:

  • Blogs are an established technology, having been around for years and used by everyone from the biggest companies in the world to mom-and-pop shops.
  • Blogs work with the other technology you have. They’re not trying to replace email, or the rest of your website, they’re just giving your company a new channel to communicate in.
  • A blog can be used anywhere that tools like email and IM are: Inside or outside the company, in one location or around the world.
  • There’s no set rules about how to have a blog. You can start small, with a lot of control over content and community, and expand over time — don’t jump in with both feet if you’re not ready.






2 responses to “Getting Unscared of Blogs”

  1. Celeste W Avatar

    Congrats on the book, Andy, from a fellow Chicagoan. I look forward to reading it.
    In my work with nonprofits, I’ve found that they are often reluctant to consider blogs because blogging has been touted by Web gurus and techies as a radical, new end in itself, not as a tool in a larger strategy for building relationships with donors, volunteers, members, and clients.
    As an antidote, I wrote a (rather long) post on studio 501c, my new Typepad blog for nonprofit nontechies. Called a blog can be like a business lunch, it aims to dispel some of the myths about blogging and offer a good starter model — a business-lunch blog — that could work for many nonprofits as well as businesses.

  2. Jim Avatar

    I write for and I don’t remember seeing your book offered for review there.
    Would you like to have it reviewed?
    If so let me know.

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