Funny, Self-Effacing Stories with Lists and Images

BL analyzes her recent traffic spike from blogging about hair products:

My experience over six years of publishing What’s Next Blog and blogs I’ve created for other clients is that a spike often leads to a permanent traffic hike. The kinds of posts that spike traffic include those that:

  • Tell a story by personal example
  • Include helpful advice
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Are not common knowledge
  • Are self-effacing
  • Include cute photos or videos
  • Include lists :>)






One response to “Funny, Self-Effacing Stories with Lists and Images”

  1. Lee Duncan Avatar

    As a recently started blogger this is a great list to inspire me.
    I am assuming that not too many people will find my photo “cute” so I’ll either have to put pictures of my kids into it or focus on the other ways to get it read!
    Lee Duncan
    “Most people don’t go into business for themselves just to survive, but that’s what most end up doing”

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