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Usually once a week I get an email similar to this:
Well, Andy! I read your book and know you tell people to use TypePad for everything and then I see that you yourself use WordPress for your own blogs. You’re probably getting some kind of kickback from the makers of TypePad! So why DO you use WordPress but teach TypePad?
Actually I’m not getting any kickbacks from makers of TypePad (though I’ve probably netted them more customers than any other blog trainer). I’m still trying to get their folks to review the book (inside scoop is some staff are fans of the book, but I’m still trying to get a review from the founders). I chose TypePad for Blogwild! and as the foundation of my Easy Bake Weblogs course because TypePad requires no install and is fast and simple to use.
But my heart belongs to WordPress.
WordPress is a free, open source blogging platform. Open source means anyone can change it or use it or distribute it and if they make it better they are obligated to provide the code they changed. And just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made – it is fantastic! In a few short years, WordPress has become the de facto standard for blog software and is now used by thousands of people all over the world in over a dozen languages.
I use WordPress because I like to tinker. And a control freak.
I’m a geek at heart (example, I spent the weekend trying to get GEOS to work on a Commodore 64 emulator on my Windows XP PC). I use WordPress because I like to get under the hood of software and bang around and see what kind of trouble I can get into. I don’t know enough to code but I know enough to fix things, add things and (sometimes) break things.
WordPress is simple, but not always easy.
WordPress is fantastic, fast, elegant, extendable and flexible. WordPress fans always like to brag about the legendary five-minute install. Yeah, it’s five minutes after you download the files, unzip them, register with a webhost, do the domain nameserver update (wait a bit), set up MySQL (wait a bit), FTP the files up and then you get to run the five-minute installer (which is actually a beautiful process). Still if you use a webhost like Dreamhost or a host that uses Fantastico this shaves down to about 7 minutes since those hosts let you do an instant install without any of that rigamarole (the bonus is these systems also do automatic upgrades as well).
But WordPress gives you full control and full access.
I’m no hardcore code-monkey, but geeks (real ones with pocket protectors) all over the world have added plugins and themes to make WordPress bend to the needs of whoever is using it. You can use WordPress to run a teleseminar, setup a membershit site, sell through PayPal, manage a product site, host a salespage… and tons more. It can give you features that TypePad and Blogger can’t even begin to match.
If you’re willing to learn some new skills.
WordPress has a learning curve but I think it is worth it – many of these skills are things any self-respecting internet entrepreneur should be able to do themselves (you never know when you’ll be in a pinch). I’m currently moving all of my product sites into WordPress installations so my staff can update salespages, write thank you pages, add logos and tweaks things without a web designer (which is usually me with Dreamweaver at 4am and a bag of cookies).
So when’s your WordPress course, Andy?
Am I that predictable? Truth is, I’ve been kicking the WordPress course around for at least 9 months. It is simply too much fun to not teach a class about it. I’d do a 16 hour tear of documentation writing and then let the whole thing sit for a few weeks and then whine that I didn’t have it done yet. If only someone else had already created a WordPress course, someone I really respected and took the same care and attention to teaching as I do – and that’s when I met WordPress junkie Sherman Hu.
Sherman Hu is the bomb.
Sherman and I had been orbiting for a while – an IM here, an email there. He granted me access to his WordPress course and I’ve taken a thorough look at the program and feel it is the best training out there right now for those that want to learn WordPress. In fact, instead of creating my own WordPress program, I’m going to endorse his instead.
But you’ve got questions!
Yup, I know. Sherman and I are leading a call in a couple weeks to introduce you to the power of the WordPress blogging platform. If you’re through with Blogger, tired of TypePad or simply yearning to take your blogging to the next level, then you’ll want to be on this call.
WordPress Essentials
Wednesday, September 13
@ 2pm EST

p.s. Yup. The call will be recorded. Go ahead and sign-up and you’ll get access to the audio immediately after the call.






4 responses to “Free WordPress Call Wednesday”

  1. seanrox Avatar

    Hi Andy.
    I agree that typepad needs to wake up and do a review of your book since you plugged the heck out of it.
    I’m also a huge fan and early adopter of WordPress. I love making WordPress do things it wasn’t meant to do and really pushing the codex limits.
    I consider myself a true geek, a geek with style but no “pocket protectors” for me 🙂
    Oh and heads up, you did a silly thing, you said in your post “setup a membershit site”. You’re promoting poop again 😉
    What I like about WordPress are all the plugins you can add to give your site a little extra spice. I’ve written a few plugin’s myself and will be releasing them into the wild soon.
    We come from a similar background with computers. I still own my Commodore 64 from when I was 8 or 9 years old. I’m 34 now. The thing still works and I play Zork on it at least twice a month. Gotta love the 1541 disk drive… hehe… the thing is huge!
    Keep up the great work Andy.

  2. chris Avatar

    Andy–we can’t get on your call–the classroom number is wrong and there are some guys talking about equipment specs.
    Thank you, Chris

  3. Lindsay Avatar

    I just called in to this. Was the bridge number published incorrectly on your website? I got some engineering conference, nothing to do with blogs.

  4. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Very strange – some people got into the call, then got kicked off and when they dialed back in got a different call. VERY strange. I just sent out the audio recording a bit ago.

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