Free Blogging Course: Need Your Feedback on Logo Design and Color Palette

I’m working on a new lead generation site to build my database and newsletters (similar in design as I’ve settled on my primary colors – just not sure what combination to use.
Please pop your favorite in the comments… thnx!
Logo #1:
Logo #2:
Logo #3:
Logo #4:
Logo #5:
Logo #6:
Is the red too loud for the background? Is the yellow to bright for the arrow? Is the blue better as the smaller arrow? Let me know what you think…






32 responses to “Free Blogging Course: Need Your Feedback on Logo Design and Color Palette”

  1. Jared Avatar

    My vote would be for #2. The orange/red stands out well and you get a good balance with the blue arrow. The only note would be that the white on yellow text of the lower arrow makes it a bit hard to read – perhaps consider using black text? Other than that looks great though.

  2. The Blog Artist Avatar

    Hi Andy, color is a pretty subjective kind of thing but since you asked… My vote of the 6 choices listed would be for logo # 1.
    The blue backgrounds are sort of flat looking, the reds a little too hot and of the yellows, logo # 1 is the most pleasing combination to my eye.
    The overall logo desgin is excellent. Hope the feedback helps, marti…

  3. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Thnx for your comments so far! I’d tried some more muted palettes but I didn’t like them as much.
    Who else has feedback?

  4. Irene Duma Avatar

    It was the most serious, tactile and commanding and looked like a link to click on.
    The others looked more frivolous – like banners, or candy – something to ignore. I skipped right over them.
    Is it the power of corporate blue?

  5. Robin Monroe Avatar

    I really like logos # 1 and #3. I like the use of color in both of these samples, and they also seem to have more “depth” to them.

  6. Raji Avatar

    My choice would be #3. Bcoz when yellow and red are predominant, it gives a very bright feel but the blue’s effect is suppressed. The perfect blend is seen in #3 and hence I go for it!

  7. Lisa Wilder Avatar

    Beautiful logo, Andy. My fave is #1. Love the bold, eye-catching colors.

  8. Mark Avatar

    I think #4 is the best if you’re looking for people to take action. The warm yellow background speaks to a sense of urgency and the blue arrow is very readable.
    #5 is my favourite if I’ve not as concerned about having people take action. I find the blue background more relaxing and easier to look at. but I don’t think ‘more relaxing’ is your goal this time.

  9. Randy Vaughn Avatar

    I like #1 but I’ll throw my vote around #5. I think I agree with Mark (Comment #8) here. I’m partial to the soothing appealing blue background (seems non-threatening and inviting). The yellow provides a good background for the text and the RED arrows invokes ACTION!

  10. Lisa Braithwaite Avatar

    I like the general color combination, but I think #5 and #6 have the best contrast between the lettering and arrows (without being blinding) to make them the most readable.

  11. Leesa Barnes Avatar

    The ones with the red background stand out for me.

  12. Stephen T Avatar

    I like #3. It stands out the most and the type is easier to read than some of the others where you have alot of color going on.

  13. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    I like #5 the best–
    I like the blue background (there is something about the expanses of red and yellow that makes it harder for me to read).
    I also liked how on #5 all of the text was easily readable (white text on the a yellow arrow is hard to see).

  14. Laura Conway Avatar

    I like #5 best. I agree that the blue makes it more relaxing. Having the red arrow is good for an action item.

  15. Lara Avatar

    I’m liking #4 best actually. I think that the red is too bright for a background, and the blue is too boring.

  16. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Numero tres. Speaking in the psychographics of advertising, this color combination is seen as “trustworthy, professional and success-oriented”. Avoid yellow as a predominant color – while some may perceive it as cheery, unless you’re advertising a furniture spray and include lemons in your product’s makeup, yellow tends to make humans feel a product is not as trustworthy and may have flaws to hide. Think of all the negative connotations behind the word yellow and you’ll get what I mean. Yellow as an accent tends to have a greater effect in the “cheery” range of buyer emotions.
    Just my .02….

  17. Ayn Elise Avatar
    Ayn Elise

    My friend and I both went for the # 5 logo.
    The blue background had a professional yet approachable sense. Soothing is good to explore if you are interested in emotional connection. Maybe.
    The white lettering is easiest to read on the red arrow for both of us. Plus a call to action in a red coloring of the arrow.
    Have you tried to do a very small black out-line on the title lettering to draw it out of the background color? Not a ton, just a light eyeliner effect. Think the eyes of a tiger cat. FYI: both comments are from females. Hint is I see a pretty good difference in the appeal between the genders in the comments.
    When I tried to be gender neutral, it was logo # 1.

  18. Fred Avatar

    My choice is # 4 — The small arrow does best in Blue for me and yeah, maybe the red background is too much! So #4 seems to be the best all-around!
    Thanks for asking, Andy! And keep up the great work!

  19. Dan Avatar

    The other ones just don’t look right…

  20. Lyle T. Lachmuth - T Avatar

    Great design
    Best is #1
    Happy Wednesday, Lyle

  21. Rick Allen Avatar

    #2 pops out nicely, I normally am a “blue” kinda guy, but for whatever reason the blue background just doesn’t have a pop to it.
    The “Start a blog…” may pop better with a slight drop shadow.
    Just my ever so humble, expert opinions. – Rick

  22. Annie Avatar

    I like #5 although #2 is pretty good also.
    ~ Annie

  23. Scott Hepburn Avatar

    Hey Andy…I ran your mock-ups by the design team here at PRstore (we have 5 designers on staff), and #2 got the best feedback.
    I also pinged a few of the power readers on the PRstore blog and you got some kudos for #6, too.
    Can’t wait to check out the Free Blogging Course!

  24. Ginger @ Girls Just Avatar

    I like numbers 2 and 6 because they stand out and resonated with me more than the others.

  25. Rick Cooper, PDA Pro Avatar

    My choices ranked high to low:
    Logo #1
    Logo #3
    Logo #5
    I think Logo #1 is my favorite for you. Logo #3 is too similar in color scheme to Easy Bake Weblogs. The red background on #2 and #6 is too loud in my opinion. It’s harsh on the eyes, but that can also grab attention. It depends on how you plan to use it. Good luck Andy!

  26. Monaica Ledell Avatar

    Andy –
    I vote for #1 all the way. I’m kind of a color freak, and well, the others just made my stomach hurt.

  27. John Clifford Avatar

    I like version 1 best

  28. Iris Benrubi Avatar

    I like number 1. Although orange is my favorite color, I feel that too much of the orange jars the reader, rather than draws attention to an area.

  29. Cher Avatar

    #2 is a keeper. Jumps out at you and my eyes like it. (Nothing like a sharp stick.)

  30. Bucking the Real Est Avatar

    I keep going back to #2.
    Susie in NC

  31. Curtis Avatar

    I like #4 the best. The blue backgrounds look too much like yesterday’s styles. The red backgrounds are just too much. Of the yellow backgrounds, I like the big arrow pointing down in red because red is associated with stopping and you want people to stop and look at this. You want them then to click and move on. So, the smaller arrow pointing to the right should not be in red, because, as I said before, red is a signal to stop.

  32. Sandra Avatar

    Dear Andy,
    I know this is late but I like #1 and #3 the best.
    I loved your book. Heck, I still have a thing for it.

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