Facebook Feature Request: Batch Delete App Invites

I have over ninety invites from friends to add little widgets and thingies to my profile. I really don’t want to junk it all up. But I have to click each one separately. That sucks.






3 responses to “Facebook Feature Request: Batch Delete App Invites”

  1. Apoorv Khatreja Avatar

    That is so true. It was the main reason why I stopped using Facebook. So many bites/chumps/wall scraps everyday flooded my inbox with updates.

  2. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    Oops–sorry Andy. I just sent you an invite to add a widget in Facebook. Doh! 🙂 No kidding, just a few minutes before I saw this post. So funny…

  3. Adil Butt Avatar
    Adil Butt

    yeah do u noe how to fix it?
    or like is ther smthin to delette it?

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