Ezine Marketing: Fresh Subscribers Are the Most Responsive

Summary from MarketingSherpa’s Average Email Marketing List Size Growing by 40% Per Year: 4 Steps to Optimize Response:

  • New subscribers (90 days good, 30 days better) are the most responsive to offers.
  • Survey readers to find how they want the info: digest, full article, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Use site search logs to find fresh and needed topics.
  • Train subscribers how to use their whitelists.
  • Match email copy to landing pages.






One response to “Ezine Marketing: Fresh Subscribers Are the Most Responsive”

  1. Michael Port Avatar

    It’s a great article. One of the things that really stood out for me was that, “several studies show email users are defining spam more broadly as time passes. [Tornquist] notes that “58% of email recipients define spam as communications from companies they do business with, that come too frequently.â€? Just reminds me how important it is to offer RELEVANT information. Something you do very well Andy. Like this article for instance 🙂

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