Ezine is Late

Argh – my newsletter is late in sending out tonight. Our call with Yvonne starts in an hour and the thing was supposed to send before noon!






4 responses to “Ezine is Late”

  1. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Who the *heck* is that in the newsletter picture? Don’t tell me that is you…

  2. Cheryl DeMarco Avatar

    Woke up in a fog this AM and checked the email. Your ezine had arrived overnight, and as I read it, my eyes kept resting on “your” picture. It took me a few minutes and several slurps of coffee, but I finally recognized it. Thanks for the early morning laugh. In my part of rural south Jersey we have a name for guys like that: smacked ass. Feel free to use it if you think it applies!

  3. Elizbaeth Marshall Avatar

    I am sad to say that good ole Mr. Tom is from my state. Do we have to claim him? Please put us Texas out of our misery!

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