Exclusive: Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing Group

I snagged a teleconference with blog marketer Paul Chaney from Radiant Marketing Group. RMG focuses on marketing know-how for small businesses to build their businesses online.
I hope you’ll join me for this fantastic opportunity to pick the brain of a web marketing expert. Topics include:

  • Predictions on the future of blogging.
  • How blogs can benefit small businesses from a marketing standpoint.
  • The mainstreaming of blogs.
  • Ways to increase traffic to your blog.

Call in info:
Wednesday November 10 @ 8pm EST (teleclass etiquette)
440-389-9715 x834






4 responses to “Exclusive: Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing Group”

  1. Thomas Murrell Avatar

    Been blogging for about a month and have been encouraging people to comment on my articles in my Ezine and also posted on my blog – http://www.8mmedia.blogspot.com
    Had this comments from a reader:
    “I would like to make a posting on your blog about the TV interview tips but to be frank, I went in to do that an was put off by the procedure that you had to follow to get an account etc, just to post a comment. I was also concerned if my e-mail address was going to be displayed as the thought of getting bombarded with spam is not a pleasant one.
    In short, I logged out and gave up. ”
    What is your advice about how I handle this?

  2. Andy Avatar

    Blogger can also take comments anonymously – they just click on ‘Or Post Anonymously’. It’s funny that the emailer is worried about getting barraged with spam while the fact that Blogger requires a logon is for exactly the same concern.

  3. Denise Wakeman Avatar

    Andy, thanks so much for hosting the teleclass with Paul Chaney. Really informative. The top 10 marketing tips were really helpful, especially the one about Bloglet. I implemented that right away! Thanks again.
    Denise Wakeman

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