Ever Feel Like a Fraud?

I was talking to one of my coaching clients last week and they asked me if I ever felt like I was a fraud – muddled in self-doubt and having this nagging fear of being ‘found out.’

If I don’t feel like a fraud at least once a day then I’m not reaching far enough.

If you aren’t scared shitless then why bother?






6 responses to “Ever Feel Like a Fraud?”

  1. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    Yes, I think we all feel like that sometimes (okay, most of the time!). But the funny thing is that most of us are good at faking being really confident and self-assured, cuz we look around and see other people who we’re so convinced have their lives completely together and we want to be on their level.
    But it makes me wonder–if we’re all feeling like frauds and pretending in our everyday lives that we’re on top of the world, is anyone really as successful as they seem?

  2. Erin Blaskie Avatar

    I totally agree with your post…
    Every time I have a call with a potential client, I feel as though I am going to slip up at any second and let my non-confident self be known… I think everyone has issues with being (or thinking) that we’re as great as others perceive us.
    It’s sort of like great performers having stage fright – sometimes, it only makes them better.
    PS – I bought your book tonight! I was on a quick shopping trip into our local Chapters (I’m Canadian!) and I grabbed your book, Tim Sanders’ “The L Factor” and “Mind Set” by John Naisbitt. I’m anxious to dive into all three!

  3. Jay Avatar

    You, Andy? Who’da thunk?
    Geez, maybe I just don’t feel like fake enough!
    “Not reaching far enough”?
    For improvement? Sales sizzle?

  4. Amanda Avatar

    What a great way of looking at that nagging self-doubt we all have! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. nika Avatar

    Ayup .. “Fake it til you make it” is so where it is really at.
    Just as long as you are not representing yourself as a cardiologist when you didnt even pass bio 101 in high school, you should be fine :-).
    When you are young, it can be hard to fake it or make it because of entitlement insecurities.
    As you get older, you may learn to fake it more artfully and hopefully in a way thats fun. One thing you realize is that a massive sense of entitlement is a fantasy but a helpful one for faking it.
    But you never really get over the feeling that you may be caught out. (I think its the old naked dream thing, hard to shake that)

  6. Sue Olson Avatar

    sweet..I am not the only one scared shitless…:)

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