Dr. John Gray and Dr. Barbara De Angelis Aren’t Real Doctors

Venus, Mars, yadda, diploma mill:
Dr. John Gray of 1950s gender roles Mars and Venus and Barbara De Angelis of relationship bookshelf fame have doctorates from the Columbia Pacific University (you know they used to be married right?). This diploma mill university was forced to cease operation in California.

In 1996, after conducting a qualitative review and assessment of CPU’s degree-granting programs, the bureau’s predecessor agency (Council for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education) denied CPU’s application for licensure. On June 10, 1997, this denial was upheld by an independent administrative law judge who concluded that CPU had: (a) awarded excessive credit for prior experiential learning to many students; (b) failed to employ duly qualified faculty; and (c) failed to meet various requirements for issuing Ph.D. degrees. When CPU continued to operate without legal approval, the California Attorney General sought an injunction (see “Sequence of Events,” below).

Gray’s education is via a Yogi in the Transcendental Meditation movement (at the Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland). Now that sounds like more of a bullshit degree than my BFA in Acting (I’m kidding WSU!).
I think maybe my winter project will be to get a doctorate via correspondence course. Who’s with me? We can do a two-fer and also get ordained too.






9 responses to “Dr. John Gray and Dr. Barbara De Angelis Aren’t Real Doctors”

  1. Elizabeth Marshall Avatar

    How annoying!
    When it comes to being a credible expert, certainly having a post-grad degree is not the be-all-end-all. One music prof I had in undergrad was far more qualified as a expert with just a BM degree than several of his PhD peers.
    But, for those who have worked really hard for their degrees, shame on John gray et al for posing as legit PhDs!

  2. Larwence Mortenson Avatar
    Larwence Mortenson

    John Gray (officially stripping his title) also started his own multi-level-marketing vitamin business.
    He’s offering a free PhD with the distributorship. Anyone game?

  3. annette Avatar

    Hi Andy – take a look at what happened to an Irish blogger for publishing something similar on his blog…

  4. Shari Avatar

    Barbara De Angelis used to be married to Doug Henning as well. I guess Doug was a little more upfront about the trickery than John Gray.

  5. Yong Avatar

    Where is there evidence that John Gray and Barbara de Angelis were married?

  6. Pat Avatar

    The joke here in Norhtern California is that deAngelis and Gray met when they picked up their diplomas at the post office.
    Not so funny is that the “model” that Gray preaches about men and women is the opposite of what real psychologists and researchers know about how relationships work, or don’t work.

  7. Tip Caro Avatar
    Tip Caro

    It’s interesting that their Ph-d’s aren’t real just because it makes good news. Both of them have put out some good literature and advice, regardless of the letters behind their names. The advice works for some and not for others, so it is with most advice, from a real phd or from your mama. They should drop the titles and continue with their work, the credibility of which stands with many who have read their books and listened to their seminars and put their advice to work in their own lives and have seen it work for them. Whatever works, period.

  8. Reda Avatar

    Well, it is not thier fault really that the school went belly up. Regionally accredited programs can also lose thier accreditation at times. What matters is that their messages are positive and encouraging to people. So, that’s that.

  9. curt Hawley Avatar
    curt Hawley

    Columbia Pacific University Degrees were Authorized and are Legal Degrees Pursuant to the State of California prior to June 1997. It is only the handful of degrees issues AFTER that date which the State ruled were not legal degrees. Columbia Pacific University was NOT a diploma mill by any definition. It simply was not Regionally Accredited, but was Accredited by the State of California. Further the school was open for nearly 20 years – it was not some fly by night operation. The Reasons why the school closed, which has thousands of renowned graduates, was based on activities surrounding 2 or 3 students out of thousands. The student body and alumni NEVER got representation in this matter. There was a personal vendetta against the school’s founder – Dr. Crews A Harvard educated Physician, by certain members of the California governing board. If you did some objective research you would learn the truth.
    If you want lists of accomplished Alumni – can direct you.

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