Don’t Buy My Book (Yet)

The launch of Blogwild! is just two days away. Remember when the book ranked at about 2.5 million? Today the book edged up into the upper 4,000:

But that’s not good enough. We’re pushing for the big kahuna baby – numero uno! And to do that we need your help. To help spread the word, I’m doing a one-day-only, one-time-only promotion:

Buy Blogwild! on Thursday, Get $50 Coupon

That’s right. Buy Blogwild! through on Thursday April 6th and get $50 off your first blogging course – including Easy Bake Weblogs, RSS Essentials, Business Blog Basics and – oh yes Virginia – Six Figure Blogging.

Here’s What to Do

  1. Hang out, relax, have a chai.
  2. On Thursday, go to and click Buy the Book Online.
  3. You’ll buy the book on Amazon and then submit your order ID.
  4. Get instant access to the $50 discount offer + the bonus goodies.
  5. Anxiously await the arrival of Blogwild! in your mailbox.


If you use Microsoft Outlook or iCal you simply click here to add a reminder to your Outlook or iCal calendar.

Know a Lot of People?

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