Do Blogs Really Build Relationships?

Susannah backtracks a bit:

So, really, I wonder about the phrase I’ve used a million times: “Blogs are about building relationships.” Are they really? Don’t most relationships grow, change, deepen? Is there really a chance for that with a blog, or does it just feel like it?

I really don’t see why it doesn’t and why it couldn’t? A blog doesn’t build an instant relationship and suddenly seduce the reader into dumping their checking account into your shopping cart. It’s the little bits and pieces that add up over time. A blog, along with a newsletter, along with a teleseminar, along with a white paper, along with a postcard. These are all additive parts of building a relationship of trust and reputation over time.
Over time being the most important part of this equation. It isn’t blog or newsletter or seminar or postcard or white paper. It is all of these in conjunction and coordination.
Wayne chimes in:

The idea is quite probably oversold by we evangelists of the blogging cause. On the other hand, there is indeed some truth in the concept as well. Under the proper circumstances, and used correctly, blogs can build relationships. The connections made are not automatic and must be nurtured and helped to grow over time. A blog alone is not the mythical magic bullet for success.

Yup. A business blog without focus, opt-in, branding, language and information is pretty much a waste of disk space.






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