Direct vs Indirect Blogging Income

Raj has a nice meaty post:

With millions of websites/weblogs, aren’t strong personalities required to win out? Name a few A-list bloggers that do not have “strong” (i.e., self-promoting) personalities. Okay, maybe Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina. These two earn most of their income from revenue-producing websites (or just one in Steve’s case). The others above mostly earn their income from offline activities.






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  1. Martha Avatar

    Hi Andy,
    Your dad gave me your name and suggested I write you a note. I’m very new to blogging, but I’m an avid knitter. (That’s how I met him–he was at Grinny Possum Fiber Arts, a yarn shop in Jeff, IN).
    Anyway, I saw a WordPress blog I liked because I think it looked classy, and so I thought I would look into using it. (I’ve also tried to use MySpace but did not like that at all because it seems somewhat predatory! and just not what I’m looking for.
    What I want to do is write about my knitting projects; maybe post a photo or two (probably more) about what I’m working on, and also write stories about my life in general. I work at the Courthouse in Louisville, and have always said I ought to write a book….kind of a dumb criminal collection of stories book, and this is what that would be. They are there nearly every day.
    Do you think I can use WordPress? What host would be best to use?
    Martha Eckert

  2. Jayce ooi Avatar

    Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  3. 93cb51a67b4e Avatar



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