Digg Bans Users for Not Reading Stories

You mean people actually read the stories and just don’t click the up/down buttons?

Your account was banned for the rate of Digging activity you’ve engaged in. We’ve determined that the time in which your Diggs happen, it isn’t possible to actually read the stories. Please read each and every story before you Digg or bury a story. Once you agree that you will Digg/bury more responsibly and read the stories, we will unban your account.






2 responses to “Digg Bans Users for Not Reading Stories”

  1. Sharon Sarmiento Avatar

    Here’s another thing about Digg–not only will folks vote up or down stories without reading them, but they will actually leave comments after only reading the summary on Digg, rather than the actual blog post! (Speaking from a bad personal experience here)
    There are some folks who will just digg or un-digg all the livelong day, and that’s not what the service was set up to do, so I don’t blame digg for banning the members who are obviously just digging like crazy.

  2. Pat Avatar

    This truly sucks. I open a Digg page then open the stories I want to read in separate tabs, read them one at a time, then go back to the Digg page and digg the ones I liked, which might be none, a few, or many of the stories on one page, all at once, then go to the next page and do the same. So my digging could look like too many diggs in rapid succession. How many is too many? Only Digg knows. 🙁

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