Delivery is Crucial

The past few days I’ve really had reinforced the crucial aspect of delivering. Not just delivery but delivering.
If I could, every time somebody bought a product or joined one of my programs, I’d like to walk over to their house and spend the afternoon with them having a nice iced tea on the back porch and talking with them about how I can best serve their needs. I want them to know that I truly appreciate their patronage and realize that they could have spent their money elsewhere. I want them to know that I will do whatever I can to make them happy.
I signed up for a new product – something from someone that came highly recommended to me – someone that is considered a real brilliant mind in my field and I was totally jazzed to get started immediately with the product. I was a bit surprised that I was put through to a PayPal subscription – that here is this guru and they are using PayPal instead of their own dedicated merchant account. Upon purchase I ended up at a thank you page that didn’t tell me much and got an email that didn’t tell me much either. Over the next several days I could several emails about how great the product was going to be and how fantastic an opportunity it was for me. But no schedule, no syllabus, no content.
This reinforced to me how when people buy a product online – their immediate experience is crucial. Like when I was doing Product Factory and one of Michael’s folks called me to make sure I got all the information I needed. I need to make this personal touch a much bigger part of my customer experience. Every contact point is crucial. I need to create a chronology of events that happen post-purchase to follow-up – both autoresponder and having staff call a new client or customer.






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  1. Lora Adrianse Avatar

    Nice catch Andy! Some of the big companies call this CRM (customer relationship management).
    As you know now, it sets you apart from the rest.
    Need some? I can help!

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