Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer

cover-thumbFrom 1983. I remember reading this book obsessively as I tried to develop my own versions of Zork . I was in middle school learning how to write a language parser. Nerd!

470 N=1
480 IF MID$(A$,N,1)=" " THEN C$=MID$(A$,N+1,3):
IF LEFT$(C$,1)<>" " THEN 530 ELSE 500

Full text of the book by Tim Hartnell…






3 responses to “Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer”

  1. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Jason says to tell you his weapon of choice has always been:

  2. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Er….being a third party commenter I erred. It was Wargame Construction Set, here:
    (um, neener?)

  3. jeannie kong Avatar

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