Corey Rudl’s Legacy

A discussion group I’m on exploded lately when the legacy of Corey Rudl, internet marketing pioneer, was discussed – quotes from posters:

But I *do* have a problem with glorifying guys like Corey Rudl, when their contribution to making the world a better place is, in my opinion, not much. How many sites
have you seen where someone is selling some sort of ebook or package to make you rich…they use a long sales pitch Rudl-style, put in overblown claims as to the success of the product, then stick in a FALSE deadline in order to entice you to buy the damn thing (“OOOOH, if you don’t get this by midnight tonight, the price will DOUBLE!”) etc etc…c’mon, let’s face it…a lot of these guys are just ASSHOLES out to make a buck!

But regular people engaging in regular transactions for their survival? That’s just LIFE. And Internet marketers selling snake oil to line their pocketbooks – to call that noble is a joke. That’s obnoxious at best and certainly not something to emulate, if you’re looking to be on the plus side of the karma equation.






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