Congrats to Jeff, Chris, Jill and Cheryl!

Thanks to everybody that shared their ‘dips’ in business and life on the blog with my review of Seth Godin’s book, The Dip. Read ’em all:

As promised, four of the lucky commenters will be receiving copies of Seth’s book, The Dip. The four book winners and their blog URLs are:

Jeff Fisher

Chris Owen

Jill Chongva

Cheryl DeMarco

Jeff, Chris, Jill and Cheryl: Please email me your postal mailing address and I’ll get the book to you tout-suite,
post-haste, double-quick. The rest of ya, thank so much for sharing your dips!

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2 thoughts on “Congrats to Jeff, Chris, Jill and Cheryl!

  1. Chris Owen

    Thank you so much Andy.
    Just getting some link love on your blog is a stunning moment for me. So getting Seth’s book is a serious bonus!
    Thanks for securing those wonderful opportunities and sharing the fun of Seth with your readers.
    Thanks also for such a great topic. Reading about every one’s Dips has been good for me and got me thinking and bringing further perspective to my Dip.

  2. Glenda Watson Hyatt

    Congrats Jill, Cheryl, Michael and Jeff! Sounds like an interesting book. I may wander over to Amazon and see if The Dip is there.
    Good luck to everyone in finding your way out of your particular dip. Keep at it and keep trying.


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