Community: Something and Some Place for Everyone

Andy Wibbels uncovered an interesting post the other day about some unique web communities – in fact, six of them where you can find out about some very interesting things. Take a look:
Community 1: Instructables: Looking to make something out of just about anything you can find around the house? This might be the site for you.
Community 2: Scribd: This site offers a mish mash of written works to satisfy online researchers and avid readers, alike.
Community 3: Urban Dictionary: This one is interesting – a collection of all sorts of weird words. For example:

Locavore (noun): Definition: A person whose diet focuses on foods grown and produced nearby, typically 100 miles. Usage: Robin wanted to be a locavore, so he only bought food that was grown on local farms. Source: – December 13, 2007

Community 4: eHow: The ultimate guide to the “how” of everything.
Community 5: Sidereel: Online guide to TV shows and movies.
Community 6: 43 Things: “Writing a book” seems to be the most popular thing that people want to do most in their life.
Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite online community and why?






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  1. Steeve Avatar

    similar to scribd

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