There is nothing that gives me panic attacks and drive heaves like almost missing the renewal for a domain name. You don’t even want to know how close I’ve come to losing BIG BIG BIG domains that are a part of my online business.
Someone at CNN is really in the doghouse now. (via)






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  1. Ben Boudreau Avatar

    That makes two major F ups in domain registration lately. Someone forgot to renew, forcing the company to buy it back for $165k at auction…

  2. Rich Holton Avatar

    Seems to be functioning fine now.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Why don’t you estimate the number of repulicans who voted democratic as Rush asked them, the “chaos? people?”
    Gabor at Yale

  4. Kelly Schaar Avatar

    Please explain to me how people sign contact stating that they agree with the rules and regulations of the DNC and then later create chaotic by pushing a petition to change the rules of the DNC. Hillary is not a person in search of truth for the people and their votes but a person in search of anyway legal or not to become the first women president. Her present actions makes me wonder what she would not do if she made it to be president I think the White House would be the headquarter of a new Watergate. I feel Hillary hasn’t the morals one needs to run USA. I am a 52 year old white female. Hillary is a emprassment to me. I see the women for what she is and it disquises me. Thank You Kelly Schaar

  5. Antonio Paulo Avatar
    Antonio Paulo

    Hi cnn.
    first thank you for all the news that you have been providing since the beginning of this campaign.
    Don’t you think that Hillary Clinton is putting her reputation at risk and at the same time blocking the way of so many American women that would have a better chance to become a next candidate or perhaps American president in the future? I think that the Clintons need to learn how to loose, to let us know that they are democrats.
    Thank you.
    Antonio Paulo

  6. gracie perry Avatar

    i think that the time has come
    for a black person to have a
    chance to chang this world into what god had pland. you see man has lost thire scence
    of vaule in this world and its going to take a person thats been there and done that. and who but a man of color can bind us together as one nation under god.

  7. keith Avatar

    Hi I am from Flint Mi and the issues are the most important thing here. The color does not dictate what a person feel inside. What is right for all people is what at stake here. Throwing mud does not get the point across to anyone. The news media need to display the policies and things they have actually done in congress.

  8. D Del Favero Avatar
    D Del Favero

    Gov Palin showed only negativity and not what they would do to unite the country. We don’t need another dictator, but someone who can solve problems.

  9. B Del Favero Avatar
    B Del Favero

    Governor Palin doesn’t have the class of Hillary Clinton.Wake up America! She’s the one who cares about her own ambitions, not the country. We need to work together as Americans, not the partisan divide she exudes!

  10. Kenneth L. Strong Avatar

    Wolf Blitzer’s laudatory
    comments about Palen’s speech on Tuesday night were out of place. He’s supposed to be the reporter-not the opinion maker.

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